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Bilal Teymur


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself,” says Tolstoy. As humans, we can always make the world a better place. So to initiate the change, we will first start changing and improving ourselves.

As an honest man and open-minded leader, Mr. Teymur puts humanity above all else. From the moment you enter the door of Eunike Health Center, you become a part of his family, not a customer for him.

He can listen to your needs and expectations with empathy and consideration. He leads his team with discipline and perfectionism and serves you with modesty and diligence.


Betül Kavak

Center Manager

“An individual can make a difference, a team can make a miracle.” Our well-organized and committed team will do its best to provide you with the best health services in every aspect.

Our priority is your satisfaction and that you leave Eunike Health Center happy. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge and years of experience in the area of aesthetic medicine, she leads and inspires each member of the team to perform their tasks efficiently and to think outside of the box.

She sees both the big picture and the minor details others may not see.


Nour Selmi

Sales Specialist

Nour initiates the communication between you and our company. She listens to you very well and identifies your needs from a professional point of view when necessary. It's up to you to decide on the solution that appeals to you the most.

Nour makes the best planning for you and continues to be with you every step of the way until your operation takes place and you return to your home.


Nuray Yaman

Center Assistant

Welcome to Eunike Health Center, where your dreams will finally come true. As soon as you come to our center, Nuray will greet you with her smiling face and hospitality.

You can ask any questions about the operation and the process to Nuray and have a pleasant conversation with her over a delicious coffee.

Also, Nuray will be responsible for keeping your appointment and health reports in our cozy office. Throughout your treatment, we will take care of every detail about you in secrecy.


Ümmühan Aksu

Patient Coordinator

Ümmühan will arrange the date of the operation and pre-and post-operative meetings, consulting and collaborating with the health care providers and specialists. Put aside worries about where you'll be staying.

Ümmühan has an incredible knowledge of Istanbul's most comfortable hotels. She will place you in the hotel and, upon your request, she will make plans for you to tour Istanbul during your stay here.


Sena Pırmıt

Human Resources Manager

As the writer Jim Collins well put in the saying “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” Thanks to Sena's contributions, we met and worked with amazing people.

As a human resources manager, she recruits and hires new employees, keeps track of their performances, manages communication among employees, and helps to create and sustain a productive and positive working environment.


Samed Mertoğlu

Content Creator

We have special thanks for our content creator and friend Samed because thanks to his creative ideas and excellent marketing skills we are able to reach out to our valuable customers, you.

As our content creator, he develops a marketing strategy for the company, connects with the people through social media tools and creates written or visual content for publication.


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