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Our Treatments: Be Sexy, Be confident!

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Aesthetic nose surgery can shrink or enlarge your nose, change the shape of the tip or bridge of the nose, narrow the width of your nostrils, or change the angle between your nose and upper lip.

It can also correct congenital or injury-related deformities or fix some respiratory problems.
Call us for more information and get one step closer to the look of your dreams.

Dare to dream, then decide to do. You can have the smooth, small and natural nose you have dreamed of with us.

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Hair Transplantation

For natural-looking hair transplantation, the operation must be realized by a qualified and experienced surgeon and a professional team.

The surgery must be performed in a hygienic hospital environment with an accurate and up-to-date technique. At Eunike Health Center, we offer all these opportunities to you.

After your hair transplant is completely done, you will see the strands of your own hair begin to appear.

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Aesthetic Dentistry

Your smile says a lot about you. You can finally reach the perfect smile you have dreamed of for years with us.

We have such treatments as dental implants, professional teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, aesthetic fillers, porcelain laminate veneers, porcelain veneers, and gum treatment (pink aesthetics).

Make an appointment today and find out what dental services are right for you.

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Medical Aesthetic

Everyone has the right to feel good in their skin. At Eunike Health Center, we will help you to look your best and boost your confidence through medical aesthetic procedures.

Patients of all ages and genders visit our website and book an appointment for botox injections, injectable fillers, under-eye light fillers, jawline fillers, and nasolabial fillers.

Medical aesthetic procedures can be performed according to the request of the person or can be applied by giving a doctor's advice.


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