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About Eunike Health Center

We started our successful journey in business life with 4 companies operating in the digital media industry in 2006. Haberler.com, one of them, became a milestone in Turkish journalism.

As one of the most reliable news sources, Haberler.com is always in the top three in the list of the most visited news portals.
After becoming a household name in the publishing sector, we asked ourselves, how can we continue to serve people better in different areas?

We established Arnas Agro, an agriculture and food company that successfully operates in the olive oil, soap, and coffee sectors.
We have managed to export to 30 different countries so far. We have founded the Eunike Health Center in order to provide you with health services at international standards.

We will be with you throughout the entire process of the aesthetic operation you are considering, from the scheduling of your appointment to the post-operative follow-up process.
Now you can achieve the look you have been dreaming of for years with great convenience and affordable prices.
Eunike Health

Why Us?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Do you want to change your physical appearance in order to feel better or boost your self-esteem? Then, come to Eunike Healthy Center in Turkey, Istanbul.

We are at your service. At Eunike Health, we work for your satisfaction 24/7 and meet your every need when you come to Istanbul through us.

Turkey has now become the fifth top country in the world to make the most aesthetic procedures according to a report conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

More economical

Most patients prefer to have a surgery operation in Turkey mostly because surgical treatment in Turkey is 90 percent more economical than in other western countries.

Thanks to the investments of both the government and the private sector, well-designed clinics, new and modern devices, and facilities are being developed day by day.

At Eunike Health, we have many well-educated, skilled, and experienced plastic surgeons.
Their competence is always under the tracking system of medical associations, including the International Medical Association and the Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (TSAPS).

Any support you need

If you are planning to have plastic surgery, please look at our services and packages. Relax about your visit, because we provide any support you need such as language, accommodation, and transportation.
We will accompany you at every stage of your treatment, from making your appointment to post-treatment follow-up.

The clinic's medical staff is fluent in Turkish, English, and German. You will be provided with the services of an assistant, who will be present at all meetings with the doctors and helps you to achieve full understanding.

Hurry up! Join one of our satisfied customers who came here from all over the world.

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